Nov 2018 Update:

To my fellow niche/authority/whitehat site builders and bloggers who used to read my PDR blog:

The $1m online biz challenge that I was previously documenting on this blog is actually STILL underway and in the final stages as I am head down and finishing 2018 off as strong as possible. In 2015 I set the end date for the goal/challenge for 31st Dec, 2018, meaning the target was to create a 7 figure (annual) revenue site by the end of 2018. I decided around 2016 when I stopped blogging here that if I knew what was best for me and having any shot at reaching this obnoxiously-out-there-yet-still-very-possible arbitrary business goal, that I would have to be 100 all in.

Or should I say 1000, meaning things like running this personal blog and coaching/teaching how to build and grow your own sites, building a personal brand of sorts, and a zillion other time wasters like personal social media¬† (at least time wasters to me for what I wish to accomplish) would have to take the backseat to narrowly focusing squarely on my business with 0 distractions, which takes everything I got as it is. If you want to build a business from scratch that actually lasts the distance and do your own thing forever (AKA f u monies), which is no mean feat and will ask a lot of you, but you’re not willing to sacrifice anything in the pursuit…you’re just kidding yourself and essentially driving down the highway with the brakes on.

If you’re an email subscriber from before, I’ll reach out when I make a return here to share my thoughts on the $1m niche site challenge, including how I fared and everything I’ve learnt about online business (and life) along this roller-coaster ride of sorts, should you wish to hear the thoughts and ramblings of some random stranger on the internet that you’ve never met (although perhaps we have..). It feels like the entire site building and SEO game has changed since I last blogged about it, and well…it definitely has in certain ways. Otherwise, just check back here in future and hopefully by then I will have completed the reconstruction of this blog.

See ya round,


PS: I took down the old articles on this site ’cause I’m, well, a bit of a perfectionist as I wasn’t happy with their value, quality, or relevance anymore. Not that they were anything special to begin with, nor much of a collection. I looked back at some of the articles I wrote pre 2016 and cringed a little, ha. Although, that’s a good sign of growth I would say. My writing, thoughts, and strategies have evolved over the past few years, so perhaps one day I will write new, better articles again, especially if my itch to “teach” site building returns, but we’ll see.